So why is it that we are more than happy to hire a personal trainer if we want to get in shape, or even consult with a personal shopper or stylist when we want to look good, but when it comes to our business, career or even our relationships we seem to be happy to just stumble along, making every mistake in the book, and then wonder why we don’t get the results we hoped for?

When we look at successful people we notice that they have certain skills and habits that make them that way, and yet we still don’t seem to think that by copying them we will get the same results.  We hear people say ‘Well, they are extraordinary, it won’t work for me’ or ‘I can’t do that, I’m not like them’.

The truth is that by learning from people who have already been and done exactly what you desire to do and be, you can learn the processes and skills that you need in order to achieve exactly that same thing, without a doubt.

It is only our preconceptions and limiting self-beliefs that hold us back.

Our businesses, careers, and relationships are the most important areas in our lives, and yet most of us will make important decisions regarding these areas completely on our own, with little if any consultation with anyone else.

I have friends who have had fantastic ideas for online businesses and yet they are still to get their websites up an running, months after the original idea has inspired them.  And we all know too well the rush at the new year, the best intentions we all have to make this year different and make changes to our bodies, careers, and relationships.  By March most of these have already fallen by the wayside.

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before”

J Loren Norris

Mentorship programs for areas that are important to you can literally change your life.

Thanks to the internet it is easier than ever before to seek out a mentorship program in any area of your life that you desire.  There are life coaching, relationship coaching, and business coaching programs.  And the great thing about mentorship programs is that the principles of success you learn in one area will always carry over into other areas of your life.  When you start working on your fitness and health, naturally your better able to serve others so your job and relationships improve.  If you complete a coaching course on confidence or time efficiency, not only will your work performance bolster, you’ll feel more in control and happy.

And a mentorship program does not have to be from just one person.  The days of having a single idol or guru are in the past, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter or you can see the immense power affiliation within a group or community can have, with literally millions of people online participating in global sharing at any one time.

Personally, I found I always seemed to struggle in at least one area of my life at any given time.  If I had a great job I couldn’t seem to sustain a healthy relationship.  Or if I managed to get in fantastic shape I ran behind on important tasks at work or missed social engagements with friends and family.

It wasn’t until my thirties that I realised I needed help.  I knew there were parts of my life that just weren’t working.  I also knew I would never be fulfilled until I could achieve my dreams and I decided to stop settling for just doing ok, I wanted to thrive!

Part of me wasn’t sure that it was really possible to have it all, and I actually felt selfish for wanting my dreams for a while.  And I think it takes courage to allow yourself to dream big and even more to actually go after your dreams.  I realised that it really didn’t matter whether I succeeded or not, I had to live my life trying because settling was no longer an option!

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Robert H Schuler

I found the Six Figure Mentors in 2015 and have been blown away by the amount of inspiration, motivation, and guidance provided to me every day! I thought I was just signing up for some training on how to start an online business but to my surprise, it is soo much more.

With this mentorship program, I was shown in detail all the skills I would need to be successful in building my business and provided with all the necessary platforms from which to start.  No detail was left out and I was especially impressed with how much time was spent in preparation, determining my goals and dreams and carving out a detailed look at how I wanted my life to be, in all areas and most importantly on how to get there!

With online training videos, phone support, email support, tech support, community support, Facebook groups, seminars, workshops, masterminds, constant content and training updates, Skype calls, business planning, tutorials and ongoing guidance, I have everything I need at every step!  I am literally excited every day to get up and get started on the next stage in the process, knowing I am on my way to success at every level.

You can’t help feeling like a cog in a very well oiled machine when you are an affiliate of the Six Figure Mentors program.  The cofounders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are so passionate about your success, you realise that for them this is not just about business, they really care about people and sharing the freedom lifestyle an online business provides.

So I hope I have inspired you to take action and start the search for your perfect mentorship program.   Finding a mentor (or mentors) in your life is a deeply personal thing and I encourage you to have a look around and find one that feels right for you.

I can highly recommend the Six Figure Mentors and I hope that you take a look and see if they are right for you too!

All the best my friends and wishing you every success.

Amy Bostock

Partner – Digital Experts Academy