Transcendental Meditation (TM)

I started meditating using an app on my iPhone that taught me how to quiet my mind and focus on my breathing. The problem was, as I got deeper I noticed my breathing slowed down, and the deeper I got, the longer the pauses were between my breaths. The stillness felt brilliant, but when my thoughts would come back into my head, as they always did, I had to consciously think about breathing again, which would bring me out slightly. It felt like I was on a roller coaster.  I never got deep enough for long enough, so constantly missed the mark!

What’s Different About TM?

A friend suggested I give Transcendental Meditation (TM) a try. I had never heard of it but learned it consisted of a mantra-based technique. I did the course and was blown away by the power of the mantra to take me into a deep transcendent space. I believe the key benefit for me was that when my thoughts came back, I could direct my mind back to the mantra, rather than my breath. My breath could stay where ever it was and I could remain in the stillness and depth of the blissful transcendent state I was in. Or, allow the mantra to take me even deeper!

I was advised to do TM every day for 20 minutes each time. At first, I couldn’t imagine having enough time to set aside for it. But I soon saw the benefits and knew it was simply a mistake not to!

‘Most meditation aims at control. Mindfulness trains the mind. But TM allows the mind the freedom to settle to a level of blissful silence far more profound and peaceful than the present moment, which awakens the amazing healing power of nature’.  Meditation Trust.

What are the benefits?

TM gives me such an immediate refreshment that not even a good nights sleep can compare. I have clearer thoughts and colours are brighter immediately afterward. I have felt more connected and empathic to my surroundings, animals and other people and it has helped me cope better with stress. My physical health has improved since I started my daily TM practice and I have felt inextricably closer to God.

If this hasn’t inspired you then perhaps the knowledge that millions of people and over 650 scientific studies can testify to the wide-ranging benefits of practicing TM daily. Better sleep, reduced stress, reduced smoking, increased energy, creativity, self-confidence, better relationships, improved health, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, blood pressure, heart health, IBS, migraine, PMT and much more!

Celebs are also in on the act with stars such as well known actor, comedian, and Vegan, Russel Brand. Paul McCartney, Deepak Chopra, Hugh Grant, Jim Carrey and Oprah (to name but a few) all actively practice this amazing technique. Winfrey described the practice of TM as part of her overall attempt to “connect with that which is God.” 

Where Can I Learn TM?

There are dedicated centers for learning TM all over the world and I completed my simple two-day training through the Meditation Trust here in the UK. You can visit their website to learn more. And I highly recommend you do! Whether you are completely new to meditation or have been practicing a different technique and are looking to expand your skills, this technique can be learned by anyone, even children can benefit. So don’t put it off any longer. This daily practice really can transform lives.