Hi. My name is Amy.

I’m a Sugar free Wheat free Vegan, Veterinary Surgeon, Online Enthusiast and Christian.

Welcome to my site.

How To Balance A Busy Lifestyle & Stay Fit

How To Balance A Busy Lifestyle & Stay Fit

How I became a Veterinarian

How I became a Veterinarian

Mentorship Programs: The most under-utilised tool for success!

So why is it that we are more than happy to hire a personal trainer if we want to get in shape, or even consult with a personal shopper or stylist when we want to look good, but when it comes to our business, career or even our relationships we seem to be happy to...

So Vegan

Recipes, health, inspiration, nutrition facts, fitness and more…

So Veterinary

Animal welfare, pets, environmental issues and more…

So Business

What it takes to start up online, tips, training and more…

So Spiritual

Faith, prayer, meditation, miracles and more…

To inspire spiritual awakening, self realisation, protection of
all animal life and preservation of the environment.